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Stop Press 17th May 2019

News items for week ending 17th May 2019

News items for week ending 17th May 2019

Attendance for this week

Lower School:        Ahlberg      100%                    

Upper School:         Rundell       98.3%

Well done to both of these classes


Communications sent out this week:


 Applicable year group

 How it was distributed

Club letter

Whole school

Hard copy

Class photo proofs

Whole school

Hard copy


BBC Surrey Breakfast - Kids Talk

James Cannon, BBC Surrey Breakfast presenter, has let us know that Kids Talk will start on Monday at 8:20am.  He will also be sending a link to the iplayer once it’s been broadcast on Monday so that it can be listened to again.  Quote from James Cannon, “The children all sound really good and I hope you are looking forward to hearing them!”.


Year 6 SATs

We have all been so proud of the Year 6 children taking their SATs!  They have worked so hard and shown such dedication and resilience this week and Mrs Mace can honestly say that she could not have asked for more.  Our Year 2’s also are undergoing SATs too - can't wait to see their 'special' work they are working on! 


Year 5 Whitgift and Croydon High School visits

Our Year 5’s have spent the week at the Whitgift Primary Project learning Japanese and Chinese, developing animation skills, furthering their computing skills, doing experiments such as burning jelly babies and were in awe, learning in the environmental area with the flamingos, wallabies and peacocks! Such a wonderful opportunity.  All pupils showed exceptional behaviour and demonstrated the school values whilst there and using public transport. Today the boys have gone to Whitgift for music and the girls are at Croydon High for robotics! - an aspirational week!


Class/Year group Assemblies

We look forward to seeing you at our class assemblies and sharing with you all the wonderful things that the children have done and achieved.  We also look forward to catching up with you as your feedback is important to us.

Inkpen                                    Thursday 23rd May 2:15pm

Year 4                                      Friday 24th May 9am

Dahl                                          Thursday 13th June 2:15pm

Year 5                                      Friday 14th June 9am

Ahlberg                                 Thursday 20th June 2:15pm

Year 3                                      Friday 21st June 9am

Murphy                                  Thursday 27th June 2:15pm


School shoes

Some children are coming to school in trainers.  Please can we remind you of our uniform.  Trainers are not permitted footwear, neither are boots, ballet pumps or canvas shoes.  Black shoes which are properly fitted should be worn.  If you are still unsure or unclear, please refer to the school website on the parents information page which informs you of the Do’s and Don’t’s.  Children who are not in the correct footwear will be asked to change into their black school plimsolls for the duration of the school day.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.



Please remember to check in your child’s book bag for any letters from school; and to regularly check the website for any important information eg Stop Press.


Allergy reminder

Please can we remind you to make sure that there are no nuts or products containing nuts in packed lunches.  Thank you.


The Word of the Week was

Upper School         sinuous        - ‘having many curves or twists’ 

Lower School         prevail         - ‘to prove more powerful or superior’

Please note, if articles are submitted late for publication, they will be published in the following weeks’ stop press