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Stop Press 5th July 2019

News Items for week ending 5th July 2019

News items for week ending 5th July 2019

Attendance for this week

Lower School:                 Inkpen 100%                  

Upper School:                 Rowling 98.4%

Well done to both of these classes


Communications sent out this week:


 Applicable year group

 How it was distributed

Class arrangements for September 2019

Whole School

By Email

Pupil reports

Whole School

Hard copy – please check bookbags


School Dinners

On Monday this week, the Office had to put in 42 school dinners where parents had forgotten to book them.  Please can you remember to book your child’s school dinner to avoid upset.


Summer Fair

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our Summer Fair this afternoon.  It’s going to be a hot one!  Please make sure you have hats, sun cream and money!  Please be advised that there is no parking at the Upper School site.  Please park considerately in the neighbouring roads before walking to the School.


Athlete Pierre Henry Fontaine

The children had a hard work out with Pierre on Thursday!  They found the height of him compared to Mrs Mace very funny!  Thank you so much for all those who were sponsored for this event - some raising over £100!  We raised in total £1235.26l! 


School News App

Our Stop Press and calendar are available on the School News App.  Further details as to how to set it up are on our website under the Events tab.  Please accept push notifications for this app once installed to receive notifications when Stop Press is published.  Many thanks!


District Sports - Field Events – Monday 1st July

2nd Place      Year 4 Rounder Ball Throwing girl

              Year 5 Triple Jump boy

                          Year 5 Cricket Ball Throwing boy

              Year 6 Triple Jump girl

                          Year 6 Triple Jump boy

                          Year 6 Cricket Ball Throwing girl

1st Place          Year 4 High Jump boy

                          Year 4 Rounder Ball Throwing boy

                          Year 4 Long Jump boy

                          Year 5 Long Jump boy

Track Events - Thursday 4th July

2nd Place       Year 4 Throwing girl

                          Year 5 Throwing boy

                          Year 6 Throwing boy

                          Year 6 Long Jump girl

                          Year 6 Long Jump boy

1st Place          Year 4 High Jump boy

                          Year 4 Throwing boy

                          Year 4 Long Jump boy

                          Year 5 Long Jump boy

              Year 6 Triple Jump boy

              Year 6 Throwing girl

Hamsey Green did brilliantly this week, coming a fantastic 2nd Place overall!  Well done to all the pupils who represented the school, the staff who helped to run the sessions and all the adults who supported our competitors.  Despite the warm weather this year, they all were exceptional. 


KS2 World Cup Tournament

Well done Jack in Year 6, alongside pupils from Whitgift and Warlingham on work experience, who organised a super tournament between year groups.  Congratulations to team USA (competing for Years 5 and 6) and South Korea (competing for Years 3 and 4).


Penalty Notice reminder

Please can we draw your attention to familiarise yourself of our Penalty Notice information.  The full document can be found on our website, but a reminder is below:

“Should you take your child out of school without authorisation for five or more days, they will be liable to receive penalty notices.  Currently, the amount payable under a penalty notice is £60.00 if paid within 21 days, rising to £120.00 if paid within 21-28 days.  If the penalty notice is not paid within 28 days, the Local Authority will consider a prosecution in the Magistrates Court.  Please note that Penalty Notices are issued per parent/carer per child, so a family with two parents/carers and two children will receive four penalty notices”.


The Word of the Week was

Upper School           earnest     -        ‘showing sincere and intense conviction’

Lower School            wailed       -        ‘crying loudly’


Riddle of the Week for pupils (last week’s answer: envelope)

What has a neck but no head?

Please note, if articles are submitted late for publication, they will be published in the following weeks’ stop press