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Our teaching of Geography aims to provide children with an understanding of how change affects the land and its people, both locally and across the world.  We encourage the development of children’s skills of enquiry and interpretation through context-based study.

Geography is an immersive, topical subject which equips children with the knowledge and understanding of the natural and human world.  Our curriculum allows children to progressively develop the practical geography skills required for life, such as using an atlas and compass.  Children learn about our local areas, Hamsey Green and Warlingham, as well as different places and cultures, which helps children to gain a better understanding of the world around them and to enable them to appreciate and interact with their immediate environment.  These skills are fundamental to enable children to learn the skills to interconnected world they live in.  Through their topics, the children really enjoy opportunities to celebrate their own culture and learn about others.  

Children are given a number of experiences through a range of trips, workshops and visitors.