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Through the learning and teaching of Science at Hamsey Green Primary School, children will increase their knowledge and understanding of the world and of themselves. Each year group follows the National Curriculum topics such as: animals including humans, forces, electricity, etc. By building on their prior knowledge, it helps children to embed their understanding and address misconceptions. Cross-curricular links are made where appropriate. From Year 1 onwards. Science is taught in a dedicated period in the weekly timetable.  Children are taught through practical activities which make science come alive.  Their natural curiosity is stimulated with hands-on exploration increasing their ability to carry out investigative, independent tasks. 

Our pupils are given the opportunity to learn about many aspects of science, as science is also used as a vehicle to promote collaborative learning and teamwork, enabling children to think critically, work with others successfully and apply their knowledge and experience to the wider world.

The children look forward to our annual Science Week in March.